Trifecta Stack Left me with Questions

  1. Trifecta Stack Left me with Questions

    I recently completed a Trifecta Stack kit from LG Sciences. I dosed at 4 caps of M1-D/4 sublingals of MMV3 for the first week and the bumped them both to 5 for weeks 2,3,4. I then took 4 caps/day of the Formadrol Extreme for about a week before I started having pain in my joints. I took 3 caps of Formadrol for a couple more days before stopping. The pain in my joints sounds a lot like "dry" joints but being as this was my first PH cycle I have never experienced anything like it. It is now maybe 10 days since I've taken anything and still have a good amount of pain in my joints, especially my shoulders and knees.

    Is there anything I did wrong with dosing, or the cycle itself that could have caused this?
    Does this simply mean I am prone to dry joints?
    Are the compounds in Methyl 1-D or MMV3 known to be hard on joints or was it the PCT?

  2. MMV3 can be hard on joints, but it's not often reported. Formadrol deffinitely can be tough on the joints, just like any other AI. You didn't do anything wrong per say, you're just sensitive to certain compounds, just like most other guys.

  3. What do you think I should look for in future PH cycles? Should I start out light on the AI on any future cycles?

  4. Well it seems you need to be careful with cortisol and estrogen, so i would deffinitely go light if you can help it. For any future PH you should be using a SERM for PCT so that might effect you in a different manner. You would need to run another cycle and see how you react to a SERM, i'd just stay away from AIs as there's no real use for them in a PH cycle or PH PCT.

  5. Hey thanks a lot for the help. The pain in my joints gets a little better everyday. I also ordered some cissus to help with my next cycle and am going to take glucosimine daily from now on. What do you suggest for a SERM for mild PH cycles?

  6. MMV3 or too low estorgen can dry you out. i rec adding 4-7g fishoil ed it may help.
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