Trifecta Stack Dosing with Sub Sterone

  1. Trifecta Stack Dosing with Sub Sterone

    Hi All - and thanks for having me in the forum!

    Question(s) on the trifecta stack I have now purchased. (I'm 48, and follow a clean high protein diet and fairly low carb)

    I work out at 5 am 4-5 days a week, and also take a multi, superpumpmaxx (pre workout) sizeon precontest (intra workout) and USP Powerfull.

    I am thinking through suggestions from others that the best dosing for the stack would be

    Workout Days

    4 am - 2 m1d and 2 mmv3 along with small protein shake

    430 am - superpumpmaxx serving

    5 am - workout (use size on during)

    Protein shake post workout

    4pm - 2 m1d and 2 mmv3 again.

    Same dosing on non workout days except later (7 am and 7 pm)

    does this make sense?

    Thanks for any opinions.

  2. That looks fine, if you have issues taking MMV you might need to combine it with food to help any stomach issues. Sub Sterone just take 1 dose pre workout, then the other 2 doses whenever. Trifecta dosing protocol isn't a big deal, i always just make sure users take a dose before their workout.

  3. Thanks for the help Rhadam - I appreciate it, hopefully the mmv3 won't bother my stomach! I have high hopes for the stack combined with my diet and exercise plan. Maybe on workout days I can break up the mmv3 1 at 4am and another at 4:15 am, to assess tolerance.

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