NO infuse

  1. NO infuse

    Anyone use?

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    Anyone use?
    I actually started using it on and off this last week - given that NO products generally do NOT work for me, maybe being a topical it will be different and I am experimenting with it re dosing and timing. If you look around the forums though, you're bound to find some feedback and reviews on the product.

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  3. I used it a few years back never had much luck with NO products either so it wasn't all that great for me. Plus the pump broke on it after 2 weeks or less

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  4. I've never really been a fan of straight pump products, especially since they don't help you build muscle. There are reviews around of NO Infuse, but it's not a commonly used product. I like things like creatine nitrate, which will provide increased indurance as well as pump, or something like NeoVar (creatine) which has a very nice pump effect when taken with carbs. I've even gotten a bit of a pump from ASGT, which i never really expected.

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