trifecta stack coming up

  1. trifecta stack coming up

    hey guys, finally decided to check out the trifecta stack after reading up on it for a while. so here's approx. how I think I'll run the stack - of course open to all suggestions and pointers; any help would be great.

    things I'll take along with the stack: protein, creatine, multi's, some pre-work out, and maybe fish oil (think it'd be a good idea right?)

    week 1 - 2(morning)/2(night) for M1d, 2(morning)/1(night) for mmv2; these will be taken with breakfast and dinner

    week 2 - 2/3 for M1d, 2/1 for mmv2

    week 3 - 2/3, 2/1

    week 4 - 2/3, 2/1

    PCT (question here, would it better to taper down for a longer pct or just follow the suggested 2 weeks 4 per day?)

    week 5 and 6 - 2/2 -OR-

    week 5 - 2/2
    week 6 - 2/1
    week 7 - 1

    also, would it be correct to assume by this time all packages would contain the mmv3 instead of the mmv2?
    thanks for the help, real excited to start this!

  2. hello,
    I think its a very good idea to take fishoild i dotn even eat meat or fish for 8 years but i still take my fishoil ed for the health. about 4-6g (pills)

    PCT : dont really matter 2 weeks is probibly good on the M1d but you could taper off a bit and make it a 3 week pct.

    package should contain only CURRENT on shelf products, so Id say its mmv3 that will be inthere.

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  3. alright thats great to hear, thanks blergs!

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