Formadrol & T-911 Stack Question

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    Formadrol & T-911 Stack Question

    Would you recommend these (together or 1 of them) to someone 19 turning 20 in a month?

    Excuse my ignorance

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    Our hormonal products are recommended to persons who are 21 and above. That is my "official" position. Whether you take it or don't, at your age there's still SO much room for growth simply by eating heavy, taking creatine, and getting plenty of sleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    at your age there's still SO much room for growth simply by eating heavy, taking creatine, and getting plenty of sleep.

    What were you wanting to accomplish from this stack, if you don't mind my asking? cutting, bulking, recomping? I only ask because, the standard answer is going to be nutritional manipulation to achieve any of those goals and training to fit it.
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    I would also say stick to the basics for a few more years like whey (lipotropic if i can) , creatine ect.
    ohh need2slin is a nice product if your trying to trim up.
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