Sub sterone mini review

  1. Sub sterone mini review

    LG Sub Sterone cliffs:
    I purchased this product “pre-sale” and wanted to provide a users review. I followed a consistent diet and workout routine. The only other supp’s used in conjunction with the product would be considered “basics”, fish oil, protein, bcaa so I consider this a solo run. This was not part of pct and I’ve not had any ph use for several years now.

    Most significant impact, top 3

    1-Body composition: this is where substerone shined for me because it has had some significant leaning out and tightening effect all over.
    2-Recovery: very much a quick repair sensation. DOMs were very much reduced, less noticeable, and disappeared sooner.
    3-Endurance: noticed improved sustained energy throughout the day. Workouts felt good and always left me feeling fresh not completely burnt out.. I caught something early on, slight cold, but easily put it behind me.

    Some other Details:
    -Strength: this did increase, could usually bang out a couple more reps on a few of exercises. By following a new progressive program I was able to add 5% to my bench in just a few weeks. Please understand that right now somebody is warming up using my max, but I did see personal improved strength gains.
    -Aggression: Not so much, but def. better bodysense and focus during workouts.
    -Sleep: No impact. Could easily go to bed immediately after taking last dose.
    -Appetite: No changes. Easily tolerable, did not upset stomach or cause dry mouth.
    -Libido: Libido was unchanged, still very good.
    -Mood: Definitely up since the leaning out effect has made me quite happy.
    -Pump: Sure from a good workout but probably not induced by the product.
    -Overall thoughts: Potent, for an ecdy product.

    Dose was 5 sprays 4 times a day spread out. Once upon waking (5:30-6:00am) before noon, late afternoon (4pm) and pre bed (9:30-10:00pm)
    This is an ecdy product so expectations need to be set accordingly; I hope everyone understands this comment. My diet was tailored to using this type of adaptogen. With some help from Mixelfick this product was of good benefit to me.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth review..Its feedback like this we need to hear , and maybe do another run!

    What input did Mixelfick give your cycle that helped? This could be great for folks running it or about to run

  3. Thank you, This is about as real world as you can get. I was tempted many times, especially over Halloween weekend but managed to keep my beverage consumption to an absolute minimum I wanted to see for myself exactly how well this ecdy could perform (although I did not abstain from endulging I did limit qty to just a few)

    I would like to do another run, however, I thought it was a limited run by LG, no ? or will this become available again ?

    Specifically, he provided me with the progressive workout matrix. It starts using a 1 rep max and it builds from there. It begins well below the 1repmax and continually builds progressively until it exceeds the original max. I was able to follow this without fail and hit every rep of every set which was most encouraging for myself. I have attempted this method in the past using a hodgepodge system I put together but never quite got it right, this one worked out well for me.

  4. Thanks for the input, i really want to try this. Didnt hop on the pre-sale I was on other things but I should have stocked up.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  5. Awesome review man!
    Was this from 1 bottles use?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Awesome review man!
    Was this from 1 bottles use?
    Just one bottle.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by scoooter View Post
    I would like to do another run, however, I thought it was a limited run by LG, no ? or will this become available again ?

    Limited yes, but not over

  8. Very happy that little snippet of The Blueprint worked well for you. That is but ONE of DOZENS of Ecdy-related tips, tricks and other gems I've extracted from Russia, Germany and elsewhere to maximize results.

    If you thought that was something, wait until you run the full Blueprint... You ran loading pattern #1. The other 3 in The Blueprint Periodic are coupled in a very specific sequence to build on each other over time without burning your CNS out (alongside a quality Ecdy).

    Congratulations man. Couldn't be happier for you!!

  9. Is LG going to move forward with this.

    Any word?

  10. No new news, but I'm going to inquire!

  11. I believe we will be


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