Trifecta Natadrol Stack Question

  1. Trifecta Natadrol Stack Question

    Hello everyone

    I've just got my grubby hands on the following goodies and was wondering if I might be able to ask for some opinions and/or advice?

    Trifecta Stack

    My initial thoughts are to take the Natadrol, Trifecta and DHEA together and then take the 6-Bromo as part of PCT. Does this seem like a good plan or is there a better way to do it? Any advice or info is welcome!

    Thank you!!

  2. Personally, i would run the natadrol and bridge it into trifecta.

    Also, you don't need the dhea or 6-bromo. The Formadrol is more than enough anti-e.

  3. Thanks for that!
    I'll run Natadrol x6 per day for 2 weeks and then kick the Trifecta stack in also and run them through at the same dosage.

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