Natabolic Stack

  1. Natabolic Stack

    After carefully researching various PH's, I have decided to go with LG Sciences Natabolic Stack in hopes of breaking through this plateau that I hit six months ago and can't seem to overcome despite changing up my routine, etc.

    I think I am the perfect test subject for the Natabolic Stack and here's why: I have been lifting hard and heavy for two years now and gained a solid 30 lbs of lean muscle mass au naturel. That's right, no PH's, no juice -- all natural. I currently stand 6ft 2in, weigh 230lbs and have 18" arms (18 3/4" pumped). The only supplements I have been taking are: Nytric EFX (All American EFX), Kre-Alkalyn (All American EFX), glutamine, glucosamine, BCAA's, ZMA, multivitamin, fish oil, flax, whey protein isolate and a solid, high protein diet (300+ grams per day). Unfortunately, I am at a point in my training where I just can't seem to get any bigger.

    So, if I run the Natabolic Stack and begin experiencing gains/results, then I will know this product works in the manner in which the makers have described and designed it. I will run the cycle for the recommended 10 weeks and take 8 Natadrol per day instead of the recommended 4-6. Users have reported significant results from taking 8 instead of the 4-6 and the LG reps are on board with this.

    I will post my results once my stack arrives and I begin running it. As far as my routine is concerned, I'm already moving good weight. 500lb deadlift, 405lb bench press, etc.

    Stay tuned.....

  2. Good luck man. I love LG products.

  3. This is why the Natabolic stack was developed! a safer alternative to PH's.

    Keep us updated.

  4. looking forward to seeing how this treat you bro!!
    Working on living

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