Adding Prime to trifecta stack

  1. Adding Prime to trifecta stack

    Hey quick question Im on my 11th day of trifecta stack and was wondering can add in my remaining bottle and half of prime which would carry to end of cycle and into PCT? I dont see why i couldnt just wondering.

  2. Jump, question unrelated. Are you playin ball while on the stack? If so, are you finding it harder to move? Little less flexible, tighter than usual?

    When I take PH's and the like, I always find it much tougher to play ball. Just curious on your experiences..

  3. I have been playing a little bit not as much as in past but i havent noticed anything different but then again i really havent been looking after the next time i play i'll tell ya.

  4. Not sure if there would really be any synergism during the cycle. I personally would wait to run during PCT if anything. I always like to run non hormonals during PCT. The Trifecta will give really solid gains on it's own and the addition of Prime might not offer any additional benefits. You can only gain muscle so fast.

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