I know this questioned has been asked a lot but i looked for a little and id just feel more comfortable getting a straight answer here.

I recieved my package yesterday and will start tommorow take thanks giving off But as far as dosing goes i know basically what to do but it is my first PH so i want to be positive.

The box reads week 1 take 2 M1D in Two with breakfast two with dinner then 5 for weeks 2-4 so thats pretty clear.

But for MMV3 i know its a dissolve pill and says to take 1 with breakfast lunch and dinner. But can my question is do you take before or after what i mean is do you let it dissolve then eat or eat then let it dissolve?

and a few other things i know this isnt methyalated so it wont kill my liver but what are some side effects that ARE possible from it so if i see them i can work to avoid them. I know its a very Mild PH but it is still a PH nonetheless and i want to be prepared for what Could happen.