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    The Sweet Taste of Perfection...UKStrength Logs LG Sciences Perfect Carb (TM)

    Final Review

    I was very kindly sponsored by LG sciences to log their newest carbohydrate supplement PERFECT CARB . My log lasted for 10 days and you can read my thoughts (or just look at the pretty pictures ) right here: The Sweet Taste of Perfection...UKStrength Logs LG Sciences Perfect Carb (TM)

    The Product: What is Perfect Carb (TM)?

    (Taken from - manufactures high quality anabolic prohormone bodybuilding supplements like Methyl 1-D, Masterdrol and Formadrol)

    "Carbohydrates are an important source of anabolism. Building muscle requires proper muscle glycogen which must be replenished at the right time and in the proper ratios, without causing fat storage! Without the proper carbohydrates, in the right amounts, the calories from those carbs could end up on your waist, not in your muscles.

    Perfect Carb(TM) is the ultimate source for anyone wishing to add key muscle building glycogen while controlling insulin and fat storage. It is made up of three of the best known carbohydrate sources in the proper ratio to replenish muscle stores. First is pure pharmaceutical grade DEXTROSE, which immediately slams glycogen into your muscles when you need it most. Only enough dextrose is in the product to recharge muscle stores without overloading the endocrine system and causing fat gain. Second, MALTODEXTRIN is an intermediate glucose converting sugar that provides the second bump in available energy without spiking insulin, giving the second wave of glycogen raw materials. Finally, Perfect Carb contains WAXY MAIZE starch, which is a slower digesting carbohydrate that helps pull water and nutrients into the cell, making cell volume increase. It also partially converts to glucose at a slower rate, giving sustained energy.

    Perfect Carb is unflavored, making it perfect to add to your post workout shake, or as an additional carb source for any application where additional glycogen is required."


    Solid-looking container that looks pretty cool to say the least! (I caught members of my household having a gander at Perfect Carb more than once...). The scooper is a 30g standard whey scoop but the container lid is not particularly wide, those guys/gals with big hands might struggle a bit to get the last of the supplement out.


    I used both a blender and shaker bottle for mixing the perfect carb, both methods work equally well. The powder mixes instantly in 500mls of water.

    After resting (10 minutes), the product was still suspended in solution, so those guys who like to mix up their protein in advance shouldn't have any issues

    Taste and Texture

    Adding the Perfect Carb to my whey shake gave it a much 'silkier' texture, it didn't add any flavour to the shake and left no 'chalky' aftertaste once drunk.

    I also tried Perfect Carb with my favourite EAA product 'Purple Wraath'. Normally the Wraath has quite a sharp taste to it, the addition of the Perfect Carb neutralises this sharpness making it, in my opinion even more pleasant to drink

    Side Effects

    None at all. As with any WMS product, always drink plenty of water with it and there shouldn't be any stomach issues. I personally like to drink ~1L with a 30g serving of WMS and seems to prevent any GI distress, I would definitely recommend others to do so.

    Effects on Training

    I used Perfect Carb in the following manner to fully assess how it affected my training through supplementing glycogen stores, augmenting intracellular water retention and maintaining blood glucose levels pre, during and after training:

    1st Training Session: Post-workout Perfect Carb
    2nd Training Session: Pre-workout Perfect Carb
    3rd Training Session: Intra-Workout Perfect Carb
    4th Training Session: Pre and Post-Workout Perfect Carb
    5th Training Session: Intra and Post-Workout Perfect Carb
    6th Training Session: Pre and Intra-Workout Perfect Carb
    7th Training Session: Pre, Intra and Post-Workout Perfect Carb

    Final Conclusion on Perfect Carb Timing

    After trying all the various combinations so far for the log, my favourite protocol for using Perfect Carb during training would be:

    Pre-training Meal (1.5-2 hours pre-training)
    Pre-workout stimulants (e.g. Caffeine) 30 mins before training.
    Intra-Workout 1 serving of Perfect Carb with fast-digesting protein (whey isolate/BCAAs/EAAs), in at least 1 litre of water.
    Post-Workout 1-2 servings of Perfect Carb with whey protein (concentrate or isolate), creatine or other post-training supplements.

    I decided against a pre-workout serving of Perfect Carb. Personally I felt, even after a few combinations that it wasn't necessary for me.

    However, we all have different training programs and some other guys may disagree, it's a great way of getting in some quality nutrition prior to training and could easily replace your pre-training meal if you were pushed for time.

    Final Thoughts on Perfect Carb

    Perfect Carb is an excellent product and if you personally enjoy using carbohydrates during training sessions it could easily take the place of your current dextrose or WMS supplementation. The taste is very mild and it mixes instantly in a shaker or blender.

    I found that it improved my performance during training quite substantially, especially during very taxing sessions with large body parts such as: legs or back. I didn't get any feelings of hypoglycaemia and the pumps were wicked

    Give it a shot, even if you only used one serving after training it's pretty economical and you get the benefit of the 3 different types of carbohydrates in there and beats the bloated feeling of many other carbohydrate sources.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the guys at LG Sciences for choosing me to log their product and I hope this helps some of the other trainees on the boards.

    UK (Rick).

  2. Rick~ outstanding final review, thanks for takign the time to really make a great final write up! really glad you enjoyed the product, its top notch; bottom line, once again Thanks ~LG33~

  3. UKStrength
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    Pleasure mate, glad to help out!

  4. MALTODEXTRIN is an intermediate glucose converting sugar that provides the second bump in available energy without spiking insulin.... Not true Maltodextrine is a high GI carb.

    Perfect Carb contains WAXY MAIZE starch, which is a slower digesting carbohydrate ...again not true, Waxy Maize, juste like Dextrose and malto is a High GI carb. The only advantage of WMS, is its rapid gastric emptying.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    Pleasure mate, glad to help out!
    Excellent review man! I just started using the stuff myself. I used it pre and post with bc+eaa's added to both serves and really enjoyed it. Also threw in beta alanine pre and post and my endurance was actually insane! Ended up doing like 5 chest exercises! Which I never do!



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