new stack info...

  1. new stack info...

    Looking at lg science for a hardcore stack. I've been back in the gym only 14 mos. however the stuff out there is like eating candy. I get a lot of questions about supps at the gym from the over 45 guys which I'm 54 and I won't refer any supp that I haven't tried myself.

  2. methyl masterdrol methyl 1-d and I-gh-1 has been working good for me. I've seen alot of strength gain. And take 2 methyl masterdrol pills right as i wake up and i use the liquid before i work out gives me a good jump start.

    But if you want some hardcore hormones go to they have alot of clones such as pheraphlex, superdrol, and halodrol. Which will get you jacked up make sure you get cycle support or life support by anabolic innovations.

  3. new stack info...

    I'll give it a try...

  4. like i said though do your research first before you decide what to use. I have only seen strength gains, im a week into the cycle and have had little to no size gains at all.

  5. Next cycle is in nov. getting blood work done before I decide on supps. Putting together 3 possible stacks w post cycle.



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