Lipotropic Protein

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    Lipotropic Protein

    I just teasted your protein and it was really good and i really enjoyed it. just thought I would let everyone know.

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    lopotropic profile?

    So I just placed an order for some protien, not at nutra cause they don't got the protien I use so that's why, anyways I got some dymatize 12 hour protein, I don't know how many of you like it but yea and had to use a phone to order cause I only had so much time to order cause I was at break. Anyways the guy told me it was some crappy protien well it might be its only like 30 bucks for like 5lbs and i also told him I wanted lg sciences protien and right of the bat he told me it was even worse then the 12 hour protien. Man I just told him LG's protien, I did not even say the name of it and that's what he told me. I don't even think he looked it up. now I did not listen to him and still ordered so what do you think? The guy told me to look up my products before ordering. I even tryed to tell him it was hydrostate with isolate pea protein and that it had a better BCAA profile then whey and he told me no, that maybe more arginine but that's it. So why you think? Even if it is not a good as whey ISO. Or hydo. I bet its still way better then the crappy wallmart protien I use now.
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    Thanks for the good words bro, i obviously sound biased but i enjoy our protein a lot too.
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