AD-3 PCT/Mass HGH Back-to-back?

  1. AD-3 PCT/Mass HGH Back-to-back?

    Just had a question about these two supps. I'm currently running DAA and AD-3. Did two weeks of DAA, then started the AD-3. Almost done with my first bottle of AD-3 now (gonna run two bottles for a full 8 weeks).

    Caught sight of a sale online for MassHGH at a price that's hard to pass up. So, I was wondering if I can jump right into the MassHGH or if I should take a break to cycle off the velvet bean/mucuna/whatever you kids are calling it these days. Any thoughts? I've seen people saying they can be run together, but wasn't sure about running them in this manner for such a length of time. Thanks for any input!

    BTW--Loving the AD-3. Used another product with the same anti-estrogenic compound before (but no velvet bean or milk thistle) and never really got the same feeling as I do from AD-3. But I also notice that I'm quicker to snap at people a bit (though not uncontrollably) when I get irritated, and it has made my joints ache a bit more. But definitely worth it. The dreams are awesome too. A few freaked me out a bit, but nothing terrible. Just REALLY vivid.

  2. Yes you can use both, i would personally stagger them....
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  3. Ok so, finish up my second bottle of AD3, then take a couple weeks off (2-4?) before starting the MassHGH, right?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Chevyman1979 View Post
    Ok so, finish up my second bottle of AD3, then take a couple weeks off (2-4?) before starting the MassHGH, right?
    Yes I would take a little break. Thanks for the AD-3 feedback.
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