Fit Max in with exclusive flavor

  1. Fit Max in with exclusive flavor

    Get it today!! Just had my morning fix & it tastes great!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Islandsupps View Post
    Get it today!! Just had my morning fix & it tastes great!!
    Only $24.99 too
    *strong supplement shop rep*

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Adizzle1 View Post

    Fitmax Kiwi Strawberry has been exclusive to Australia however we are now bringing this delicious flavor to the US!

    FitMax Kiwi Strawberry is actually stronger then the original fruit punch version so if you've tried Fitmax before its worth trying again!

    How to receive Free Samples:

    Send email to [email protected]
    Subject should be "Free Samples on AM"
    And include your name and shipping address!

    Fitmax Kiwi Strawberry will be launching exclusively at Island Supplements! I have about 50-75 samples so get them before there gone!
    Just shoot an email to [email protected] and we will get you samples of this amazing tasting product!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  4. I love it as well! The sample packs are a Good size too!!



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