Epi-Andro RX

Pro-Anabolic Complex - Hypertrophic Stack

-Lean, Dry Gains
-Inhibits Aromatase Enzymes
-Muscle Hardness
-Great for Cutting

Epi-Andro Rx™, the newest legal prohormone alternative to the steroid Stanolone (DHT) has arrived! Epi-Andro Rx™ can potentially interact with other steroids, and inhibit the aromatase enzymes. This gives Epi-Andro Rx™ the ability to block estrogen receptors, giving it its “dry” characteristics.

Epi-Andro Rx™ converts into DiHydro-Testosterone, which provides muscle hardness for a solid, leaner physique. Because DHT is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone, Epi-Andro Rx™ doesn’t require higher dosages to perform. This allows for easier dosing and means the liver works less to metabolize the hormones. Epi-Andro Rx™ will provide aggression in the gym and create an environment for more focus on the goal ahead. As a dry compound, users will not only gain lean muscle, but also experience highly increased lipolysis (fat loss).

Nomenclature: 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one

WEEKS 1 - 4
Epi-Andro RX
400mg daily

Advanced Cycle Support
4 caps daily (taken at least 3hrs separate from the prohormone)

Anabolic Matrix
4 caps daily (taken with the prohomone)

WEEKS 5 - 8
50mg daily

Advanced Cycle Support
3 caps daily

Ultra Male
1 cap daily

WEEKS 8 - 10
E-Control 2.0
3 caps daily

Advanced Cycle Support
3 caps daily

Ultra Male
1 cap daily

You will need

  • 1x Epi-Andro RX
  • 1x E-Control 2.0

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  • 2x Advanced Cycle Support
  • 1x Anabolic Matrix
  • 1x Ultra Male

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