Cyanostane being DISCONTINUED~almost out of stock. ORDER NOW!! -

Cyanostane being DISCONTINUED~almost out of stock. ORDER NOW!!

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    Cyanostane being DISCONTINUED~almost out of stock. ORDER NOW!!

    Due to the raws becoming more expensive and difficult to source we are discontinuing Cyanostane Rx. There are only 500 bottles left and then its gone for good. Use discount code adrenolin15 for 15% off.

    CYANOSTANE Rx™ - Pro-Anabolic Complex


    - Rapid Lean Muscle Growth
    - Rock Hard Vascular Physique
    - Increased Strength and Power
    - Zero Aromatization to Estrogen
    - Amplified Workout Drive
    - Little to no Negative Side Effects


    Cyanostane Rx™ contains two very powerful prohormones and it's an extremely anabolic compound with remarkably low androgenic action. It is non-aromatizing meaning it will not produce estrogen mediated side effects and its high degree of anabolic action makes it a favorable choice for athletes concerned with losing body fat while maintaining, or increasing, muscle mass. If you are looking for maximum lean muscle gains in a short period of time, Cyanostane Rx™ is the product for you. Cyanostane Rx™ will quickly increase your strength and your power, increase your workout drive and help you obtain new lean, ripped muscle mass using multiple pathways from one workout to the next. This new anabolic cutting stack may be what you have been looking for to give you that edge in the gym that has kept you from reaching the next level quickly.
    IronMagLabs Representative - Adrenolin15 = 15% OFF
    Hardcore Peptides Representative - ADREN20 = 20% OFF
    Orbit Nutrition Affiliate - adrenolin = 10% OFF (World-Wide shipping)

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    Used this product. Hate to see it go. Differently will harden u up. I loved it.
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    Yup, major bummer losing this one. VERY good designer!

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