DEA looking to add four new steroids to Schedule III

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    that and now they are after CBD oil, cause you know Big Pharma can't have any natural alternatives legally available to compete against their poison.
    take one prescription drug, you need two more to counter sides....currently there are many natural ingredients that work, who know how much longer this will last...they even have a prescription fish oil, I know this because my mom was prescribed it for $240 per month and her insurance wouldn't pay for it--I bought her some legit otc fish oil for under $20.

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    I am pretty sure that 4-AD was banned years ago just like its sister 1-AD was.
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    So consensus is 4-ad already banned, but it would be sad to lose DMZ and alpha1 those are both potentially on the chopping block, right?
    Technically dymethazine and methylstenbolone were already banned according to the most recent Anabolic Steroid Control Act. The wording is stated in such a way as to include ALL steroids, outside of the DHEA-based steroids. However, tons of companies kept selling them even though they were already blatantly banned substances, so they are now adding them to the list by name...even though it should be completely unnecessary because the prior legislation was so explicit.
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