~ Wesley Versus 4-Andro MiNi 'BULK' Log ~

  1. ~ Wesley Versus 4-Andro MiNi 'BULK' Log ~

    Not a sponsored Log-

    Doing this to help give people an idea what this compound can do.

    Most recent pic to start off log-


    200ish in this pic. Striations all over,except mid section has not been addressed yet. I was on epiandro for several months prior @ 3-400mgs ED average, but I have been off for about a month prior to this run beginning.

    Bodyfat %

    Won't even get into this pissing match. Striations all over, abs def need some trimming at some point. I am in no hurry. Please no one ask or fight over this.

    I am running 4andro at

    8 caps per day in increments of 3/3/2 on workout days

    6 caps per day in increments of 2/2/2 on NON workout days.

    I am not using HRT, or ANY other testosterone products, prohormones at all during this run.

    I will be using

    1)a preworkout, either Ultimate orange Juiced, or Illicit or both during this run- Workout days only

    2) BLue- My nootropic product

    3) Prescription Nutrition Problend and Whey Protein (blueberry muffin flavor)

    4) Epimedium compounds

    5) liv52

    I will increase calories from 3K ED to at least 4K ED for this run. Percentage wise I am aiming for 45/35/20- Protein @ 45%, Cabrs @ 35%, Fats @ 20%. Again.."AIMING" I will not list specifics I dont have time.

    But alot of chicken breast, eggs, tuna, whole milk, yogurt,peanut butter..oatmeal...all the items you would use during a bulk and that are cost effective. I am shopping primarily at Aldi's for my food. Hate me if you wish,there stuff is not bad at all.


    Lowering rep ranges, increasing rest times. Will be lucky to have 3-4 days per week to the gym. 1 hour at most. Some abs during that time frame. But my goal is to add some size and strength back after recently having leaned out.




    GF will handle fully


    45-60 days TBD


    On or Near DAY 10-12. I have put on about 5lbs so far. Mind you, I was depleted previous as I was leaning out intentionally and now I am "bulking". So diet has improved in that time frame, rest periods have been longer, reps have been less.

    I have noticed better overall mood, energy, oily skin, some red pimples on shoulders, back and arms. I have noticed strength increases and better aggression in the gym. Appetite is a bit better, slight increase in libido for sure. Maybe a bit cranky on the days I take 8caps, slightly more then normal.

    What else?

    I cannot fairly give out estimated strength at this point. The last few months I have been in strict bodybuilding mode, lighter weights, high reps, reps in the 20 range. So my strength is definitely down. So in all fairness, I will see immediate increases in strength regardless..but I can say so far, i do feel stronger from using this product.

    At times I may experiment and empty the caps into powder form and drink an hour before my workout to see if it has any effect. This would be similar to those of you who may have used PROP, Suspension, or chewed up orals hour or two prior to workout to see immediate strength increases.

    This is an experiment. I have never run 4andro SOLO, nor have I run it high dosage. I have no expectations or goals. Just bigger and stronger. Feel free to leave questions. I will be here 2-3 days per week at most to update.

    Thanx everyone.


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  2. Tuesday


    Tricep Pushdowns




    200(rack) x 10

    Bicep Hammer Curls




    Skullcrushers, super deep extensions (head off bench and lower the bar to the floor and up and back, not above the forehead)




    Preacher Bench





    Wesley Inman Shrugs



    90x20 (holding 2 plates per hand)


    Called it a day, ran out of time.

    Weds- Shoulders/Back

    Dumbell Military





    Pullovers (wide grip, elbows flared out)




    Full extension on all of them

    Ez Curl Seated Military Press (odd grip- hits different heads of the shoulders)




    Seated Pulldowns




    Close Grip Underhand pullups (arching lower body forward to hit back)




    Again ran out of time, called it a day


    On both the last 2 days, I took 8 caps but on the bicep day, I used 3 caps, emptied the caps into my PWO and took 1 hour prior. Today, I tried 5 caps at once, same thing. 1 hour prior.

    I notice immediate strength increases when doing this. I will not do this often since this does not encourage an even blood plasma level, which I find is more important for a better overall gain, but I wanted to see what kind of result I would get.

    I genuinely loved the feeling it gave. I would do this all the time, if money was not an issue.

    None of the weight were remotely close to failure. I went through the workout, nice and slow and controlled reps. All of them went up with ease. I will gradually push the envelope, but I also want to make sure I have a full hour for a session before I do so.

    Bicep day was 45mins, and shoulder day - maybe 30, plus my daughter was with [email protected] gym, so this was distracting.

    In all honesty, I feel awesome on this compound.

    Nothing new to report, except maybe I am seeing way more hair growth(facial and body) and darkening of the hair. Sleep has been off for 2 days, not sure if it is relative.

    Super motivated to see what happens. Workouts are exciting again. I find a supplement can very often change motivation levels. I am not going to go through the motions on this run, like I have been for some time. This will certainly stimulate new growth.

    See you guys 2morrow. Leg Day.
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  3. In to see how it treats ya.

  4. This is not a sponsored log? How did you get a coupon code for IML? I take that you rep for them?

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    "Passion trumps everything"

  7. Thank you to everyone following..very much appreciated!!!

    And yes, I am an Iron Mag Labs rep, but this is not a sponsored Log. I did this on my own- volunteer, because I am running this compound high dose and am trusted to leave legit feedback- so I am. I paid for these out of my pocket, they were not given to me. At discount of course

    Today is day 14-16...sorry I lost track of the exact day I started, but its like the 2 week mark, give or take.

    Got my products in and grabbed some Osta for a bridge and some epiandro as well. 3 more bottles of 4andro will last me about 30 days more. So for now I know I am going to run this for at least 45 days minimum.

    Leg Day (last Friday)

    Squats (ATG)

    135x20 warmup



    315x10 (hip flexor is bothering me big time)


    405x3..way too much pain..gotta go lower so I dont get injured. Hip Flexor is on fire.

    315x 10- 5 second pauses.

    Here is the depth I got on all of these..This is super old footage, but nonetheless here is average depth just as FYI. Also you may recognize the guy in the video as Iron Mike. Infamous guy from the Youtube video "Worlds Strongest Man IRON MIKE". He actually is a very nice guy and very strong, regardless of that video which though hysterical, is a bit sad..



    Lunges( 45 plate in each hand)

    x100 ft



    Leg Extensions

    Toes in- Toes out- Neutral Positions




    Seated Calf Raises (my own 3 prong calf lifting style)

    1 plate (45) x 20



    Hit some hanging ab raises and called it a day...ran out of time.

    No new updates on the 4-andro. Can't say I am seeing any differences then what I have already commented on. I will weigh in at the end of this week and see where I am at. Not sure I have gained any weight, but I honestly have more energy and feel a bit fuller during the day on this compound. Definitely hair growth is accelerated and oily skin, so for sure it is converting. This is not in doubt one bit.

    Gonna hit chest/traps today..will report back within 24 hours...
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  8. Monday Updates-

    Chest and Traps

    40 minute workout

    Warmup Biceps, Triceps and Back well before the workout

    Flat Bench







    (not going super heavy on any motions, just yet. I have been doing bodybuilding work for months and honestly my overall strength has decreased slightly. I certainly cannot hit this weight for what I can, when I train heavy.

    My PR lift proportionately with flat bench was 315x16 reps at 207lbs BW- At under 200 lbs, I wanna say it was 13-14?? I can't hit 14 right now..no way. 12 yes.

    2009 video--


    Wesley Inman Traps ( I post this every log for anyone new looking to learn the method. Sorry to those of you who have seen this every single log)



    45x20 - 5 second pauses at top

    45x20 " "


    Incline Dumbells (weight per hand)





    Upright Rows-




    These didn't feel strong today

    Hanging Ab Raises, some crunches, ran out of time.

    Called it a day.

    What I am noticing still from 4andro is if I take too many caps at once, I do feel a bit irritable. But I have been overall taking the even increments I stated. Strength feels good, and I now that I am handling heavier weight, I am a bit sore, but I also am recovering quite quickly tbh. Appetite is noticeably better. Endurance is slightly better. Libido is about the same now...skin is oilier and hair growth is very noticeable. I am shaving way more often.

    Overall very happy. Nothing insane to report, but product is working for sure. This is a different feeling from EpiAndro altogether for those who have asked.

    Also, getting alot of questions about the protein I use. It is a 4blend product called PROBLEND- that is great for bulking since it has fast, moderate and slow digesting proteins in it. The quality is excellent, the price is super fair and the taste is unbeatable IMO. I use this "in addition" to whole foods, not to replace it.



    Also as mentioned previous logs, I blend in protein with low fat peanut butter, raw oats, ice cubes, yogurt, banana, and sometimes even a scoop of ice cream.

    Other brands that I find to be solid are MuscleFeast, ON, and Trutein, I am a fan of all of the above

    Biceps and Back later today.
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  9. Update Tuesday

    Right around week 3 of 4 andro.

    I have not weighed in yet again, gonna wait it out. But diet has been ok. I am definintely slightly bigger. What I am noticing, is during my workouts, I keep much more of a pump then normal. After workout, I seem more vascular for longer periods of time.

    No sides to report, except maybe excess hair growth on face, stomach and shoulders. Definitely hair on head is getting darker too.

    Overall I am still happy, though I am still waiting for the true results to kick in. It may take the entire length of this run to really have full details, since a product that converts to Test is going to be a nice clean lean gain...So I am not expecting anything insane.

    Strength is solid. Recovery is too:

    Biceps and Triceps

    Hammer Curls (dumbells per hand)





    Skull Crusher variations






    Incline Dumbell Curls (isolated)





    20x20 supinated

    " "

    Straight Bar Curls




    Tricep Pushdown variation




    Called it a day. Good workout, but honestly I did not work to failure or even close on any set. My intensity was so so in this workout...primarily because I did not sleep well the night before.

    Otherwise so far so good..nothing unbelievable to report to date, but product is working.
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  10. Tuesday 6/23 - - Update

    Leg Day

    Leg Extensions (warmups)


    Lunges (45lb plate per hand for distance)
    " "

    Leg Extensions (working sets, toes pointed in, outward and neutral)

    250 (rack) x10

    Hit some hanging ab raises and called it a day.

    Updates on the product:

    I can def see that I am slightly bigger. Will not weigh in until the end. Again, still no insane gains, but I am def larger. Pumps in the gym are far superior then minus this product. My strength is very very good proportionately on this product, I feel stronger on it, then without it.

    I do see some additional veins showing. Appetite is solid. Recovery definitely improved.

    Sides: Oily skin still. Some acne here and there..and by this I mean only maybe 3-4 here and there. Body hair growth big time/facial hair is coming in at a high rate, and is darker too. Some leg cramping at night all week..not sure if it is from this compound, or something else. It only showed itself recently.

    Overall: Still happy with this product. It is working. I think at this dose, it is far superior to something like dermacrine, etc.. So far my take is this is a very straighforward mild testosterone product. It is excellent for clean gains to date. This cannot be compared to a PH of the past, like msten or dmz in terms of size. I do think running this longer term then short term is necessary if one can afford it.

    Def wanna try the new esterfied version coming out!
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