Invictus dropper volume

  1. Invictus dropper volume

    Got today Invictus and after I pulled dropper this was the volume inside so I just applied this volume.

    1) Can anybody tell me how much volume of Invictus have I applied on below pic?

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    I'd say it's between 0.1 to 0.2ml since here wide area of the dropper starts getting narrower until it curves at the end (where liquid starts coming out).

    2) Also does it mater if apply on bare hands or better to put plastic grocery bag on your hand (like it was the case with Formeron)?

  2. I'd say it's too low dose anyway. Use min 0,5mL.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bosskardo View Post
    I'd say it's too low dose anyway. Use min 0,5mL.
    ^ Agreed. Yea, you definitely need to go .5.
    Determining the volume in that dropper is like trying to guess the volume in the tip of a used condom. You could figure it out using science, but is it really worth it?

    I have been raw doggin' it with the applications and have no ill effects. I am guessing you are worried about transference....

    Rob or Nos will most like tell you to apply with gloves or plastic for safety's sake.

    But I will leave that to them.

  4. I've never bothered with gloves, I usually just put .5ml in the palm of my hand and apply it to my shoulder/clavicle region.

    I always wash hands thoroughly after.

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