Current Retailers

  1. Current Retailers

    Hey guys this is our current retailers list if you dont see your favorite supp shop on here email us and we will contact them to try and get picked up.

    Gym n Tonic
    TGB Supplements
    Coalition Nutrition
    Exclusive UK Distributor Power Myself
    Midwest Logistics.
    Iron Forged Nutrition Rep

  2. Nutrimax is carrying our line in the Carolina's. We also have I supplements carrying the line. We are waiting to hear back from Greg from Lockout as of today. We are looking for others so please contact your favorite retailer and ask them when they are going to pick up the line or shoot us a message and we will contact them for you.

  3. What about Nutra Planet and Orbit?

  4. we will reach out to them soon, hopefully they will pick us up.
    Iron Forged Nutrition Rep

  5. Quote Originally Posted by IFN15 View Post
    we will reach out to them soon, hopefully they will pick us up.
    Would be nice man!So would be Greg.

  6. we are working on them aswell.
    Iron Forged Nutrition Rep


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