Pinched Nerve in Neck

  1. Pinched Nerve in Neck

    I'm looking for some advice on an injury I've had a few weeks ago.

    A few weeks ago while benching I felt a sort of crunching spasm from my neck to half way down my back, right along my spine. Any neck movement hurt pretty bad and would cause shooting pain down my right arm, chest, and a down my back a little - I couldn't even put a shirt on.

    I didn't lift for about a week, medicating with some ibuprofen/ice and it slowly got better to the point where now I have almost zero pain and I have been able to lift just like I was before with the exception of pressing movements.

    My first day pressing after my injury (still with no pain) I was able to bench up to 280 for a few reps, down from 3x5x315 pre-injury. I figured I was just recovering and switched to a de-load week with no noticeable issues.

    Now another week later I can barely bench 175lb, and I can barely shoulder press 50lb dumbbells. There still isn't any pain but I've noticed I can't contract my right pec nearly as much as I should be able to and the pressing movements are a bit "wobbly" or "unstable."

    The only pain I feel in any way is when i bend my neck back/chin up. I can feel a sharp steady pain from my right trap all the way down my right arm.

    I currently don't have insurance but I'll probably get an MRI anyways if it doesn't improve over a few more weeks. Before I do that though I wanted to get some opinions on at what point do injuries like this require surgery to prevent severe atrophy/nerve damage.

  2. I am not the best when it comes to physical therapy, but think that I may have a similar injury that I am still healing from. It sounds almost like a torn rotator. I would quit with heavy chest stuff for a while, and work on strengthening the shoulders and doing rotator cuff rehab exercises. Face pulls are one I find help as well as super light dumbbells, front and side lifts.

    Surgery is the last option for me. I cannot stomach the thought, and it may help, but you will never be 100% after surgically alterations. Also risk of going under anesthesia is never thought of but can cause issues for some. I hear good things about peptides, tb-500 and bpc-157, havent tried them myself. HGH is suposed to be the best for healing. You could try mk-677 instead to save some $.

    I personaly would run a long cyce of some HRT and low dose Nandralone or Anavar and either gh or MK. I know that you didn't post in the Anabolics section, but just my 2cents. I wouldn't lift super heavy on cycle either, maybe run and do some cardio with light weights, and let the drugs work on your healing your damaged tissues, vs building new muscle tissues aka gainz. Also, running has to my surprise really helped me with posture issues which can be a root cause of shoulder injury, slimming down midsection especially has helped get my shoulder strength back.

  3. Yeah I've been eyeballing the peptide/anabolic route. I didn't post this in the anabolic section because I'm actually just finishing up a PCT so I have a little while before I hop on another cycle. I've been reading a lot about BPC-157 and MK677 for recovery and may give them a shot.

    So far I haven't had any issues pulling. I was able to do rear delt flies, face pulls, upright rows, and dead lifts all just like normal. I'm hoping I can do some stretching and slowly increase weight and work on contractions to get things going.

    At this point, besides eventually needing surgery, my biggest concern is minimizing/avoiding atrophy and muscle loss.

    I'll have to try the running bit. I know my posture hasn't been the greatest since I lounge around in an office chair all day. It wasn't until I put a mirror in my basement (home gym bro) that I realized I was raising my right shoulder a bit higher than my left during a lot of overhead movements. Not sure if stuff like that contributes to injuries like this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

  4. I had surgery on 6-19 , replaced to discs in my neck C4-5 n 6-7. Always felt pain in my rotator n trap thought it was injury from heavy lifting, grappling, n Thai box. But MRI revealed bulging discs, resulting in trap n scapula pain also arm n hand tingling n going numb. I battled this injury for 10yrs, but it caught up to me n before I had permanent nerve n tendon damage I got op. Best advice get MRI n take it easy on your press days. Good luck bro. And if you are on the gear, more power to you. I think, that's what helped me through . I'm recovering a lot quicker than most patients, my surgeon said.

  5. I've injured my neck a couple times during stupid stuff. The last time I injured my neck I was picking up a dumbbell about to do some rows. I hadn't even started the actual lift, I was just picking it up. This is by far the worst injury i've ever had though.

    Are there any other supplements I could take to help along the healing process? I was reading about Evomuse Nerve Restore which doesn't appear to be a thing anymore. I know BPC-157 has great feedback, are there any others that people can recommend?

    Today I've been feeling some acute but sharp pain from my shoulder down to my forearm. My neck/back doesn't hurt at all and my right titty keeps spasming. Good sign?

    Edit: as far as anabolics go I felt amazing on anavar but lost my hook up. If I can find another good source would anavar be a good option?

  6. See a chiro who treats real (power) lifters. I agree that something is pinched and needs to un-pinched. You'll be fine.


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