Elbow/Forearm injury

  1. Elbow/Forearm injury

    Was finishing up back/bi’s doing dumbbell preacher curls when my elbow popped. Immediately stopped thinking I may have torn my distal bicep tendon however there is no deformity, no bruising and no pain in my bicep

    Pain is all in my forearm/outer elbow and radiates down my arm into the back of my hand. Hurts when i try to pronate my arm

    Anyone had something similar?

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  2. I experienced something similar couple years ago and it was related to tendinitis bicept. Mine I believe started from my shoulder. I took it easy rested stretched and everything was good to go in a couple weeks .

  3. Thanks for the reply

    Still no bruising or swelling which I think is a good sign, but sudden pronation moves or trying to lift something moderately heavy are very painful

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