Supplement for knee osteoarthiritis

  1. Supplement for knee osteoarthiritis

    Is cissuscquadrangulus good for knees affected by osteoarthiritis bcoz of wear and tear in the military.does cissus interfere with prostate health

  2. Have tried with glucosamine..doesntcwork much

  3. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee a few months ago. Cortisone shots helped the most, to be honest. I also picked up a simple neoprene knee brace which I love. Not sure if it's placebo or not, but my knee hurts more at the end of the day if I don't wear it. Supposedly the peptide BPC-157 gets good results against arthritis, if you're ok with injecting yourself.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Anirudh View Post
    Is cissuscquadrangulus good for knees affected by osteoarthiritis bcoz of wear and tear in the military.does cissus interfere with prostate health
    Obviously doing anything that bothers is the biggest factor in healing, along with doing the right kind of physical therapy. As far as supplements fish oil helps by reducing inflammation. Animal flex seemed to work when I had a major injury in 2009 along with active release. Currently I use joint mechanic by Millennium Sports , which has something called meriva which looks very very promising as far as the research. , it also has other joint ingredients.
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  5. Cissus has helped me a ton. I have some arthritis due to 2 knee surgeries (First was meniscal repair and ACL work, 2nd was double meniscectomy, ACL work, and removal of calcium/arthritic deposits under kneecap). After the dust settled I was left with almost no meniscus and about 40-50% of an ACL (all in my left knee). My orthopedist told me realistically I should be collapsing left and right with any awkward movement and was amazed that I wasn't. I take Cissus regularly and lift regularly to strengthen all leg complexes. I also do plyometrics and run/soccer for cardio. I use a brace while playing but that's more for mental comfort than physical at this point. I lift and do plyometrics without it. As mentioned above, Fish oil helps a good deal, especially if you find one with good quality krill oil in it. The cissus I use is by InnovaPharm. It is called Superior Cissus. Highest dose and biggest bottle I could find. For me, I can actually run half the recommended dose and feel great, which doubles the life of the bottle. For nagging or particularly painful days take the full dose.

    I can't post links yet, but Amazon seems to have the best prices.

    Sorry if it seems weird being my first reply. I used to post on here under a different handle a few years back. Lost the info so I just started a new account. Hope this helps.

  6. If i may clear a few things up. First how old are you? My father going on 58 has very bad knees i dont believe there is any cartilage left. You cannot heal if more then 3/4 of the cartilage is gone if im correct. PLEASE, if you value your health, take acti-flex 4000 (on amazon, its for horses, doesnt matter many humans take it even read the reviews. Just a super mega dosed vitamin, this is what your body does to heal), mk677 (this is the hormone ghrelin, makes your brain think you havent eaten. When you dont eat you release growth hormone, therefore this releases many pulses of growth hormone, growth hormone is what does the healing), pickup bpc157 (comes from stomach juices, this majorly heals, get this close to where you want to heal as you can, yes injectable just do it) and tb500 (this is a systemic healing, inject anywhere, works differently and synergystically with bpc 157) AND REFRAIN FROM CORTISONE SHOTS PLEASE!!!!! ITS JUST A BAND AID. You will get no benefit other then masking the pain! This will keep the inflammitory response down and that is what is needed to heal! I hope i helped. Ive seen it bad in my father..please act quickly. Once it is gone, you cant bring it back. Just like alot in your body.

  7. any good fish oil suggestion for joints

  8. what an old bump. Glad it was though. My knees been acting up after a heavy leg day for me. Physical therapy is big and helps , youve got to do it though, like for me the stair stepper , bike for cardio seems to help.
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  9. I did legs tonight and had to go light. Did more reps. Dont push it if it hurts. keep rehabbing
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