I am coming back from a 3-4 year weightlifting hiatus and completely destroyed my health while I was not lifting with a unhealthy lifestyle. I used to have a very respectable numbers and physique for someone my age. To maximize my gains I'm currently running Starting Strength to get back to my old lifting numbers. However I believe my strength is growing faster than my infrastructure. I left my ego at the door with 135 x 5 squats and now I'm up to 250 x 5 adding only 10 lbs a workout. I'm starting to have VERY serious lower back issues. I had taken a serious fall and fractured my tailbone maybe 8 months ago and it took several months for me to be able to sit down normally. The pain is still there and it almost feels like my tailbone is now deformed and sticks out and to the left more than it ever has. I have been working though the pain but alas I think 250 x 5 is my plateau in which I can't squat anymore with out focusing on my lower back / tail bone recovery.

Anyways how is my form can I have some advice on how I could adjust to take some pressure off my lower back? Also what are some things I can do to help with this kind of recovery? It's sad to know I can crush such heavier weight but can't because of pain.

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