Question about Sarms, BPC-157 for chronic wrist pain

  1. Question about Sarms, BPC-157 for chronic wrist pain

    I know healing questions get asked a lot for these compounds, but I would like some input from users who have used said compounds (Osta, LGD, MK677, and BPC-157) with success or failure.

    I have had chronic ulnar sided wrist pain going on 7 months now. I have been training for 11 years and have taken AAS and prohormones, and have experimented with SARMs, but never used for injury repair. I am a chiropractor, and am getting to the point where I can not adjust people, and I am getting desperate. The pain is only presented when I go to pick something up, when I hold a person's head to deliver a cervical adjustment, and when my wrist is extended, supinated, and ulnar deviated. Neutral grip does not hurt. I have had a radiograph that revealed a 3mm gap between my radius and ulna, then received a contrast MRI two weeks ago that revealed no torn carpal ligaments and an intact Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex tear (TFCC), but the gap between radius and ulna is still present. I have tried many conservative treatments for several months, and not much has helped at all. I have taken a month off from any upper body lifting, and 3 weeks off of work.

    Now to my question. I have been injecting BPC-157 locally for four weeks at a dose of 500mcg ED, but it does not seem to be improving. I was considering adding Osta and MK-677 to the mix, but I wanted some input on user experience. Any insight is much appreciated. Thank you

  2. Is it movements that stress the brachioradialis?

    If so, try isometric holds, using low-mid weight dumbbells. Hold the weights slightly away from your chest, knuckles away from you and then lean forward. Toy with the position until you find the sweet spot. Hold for 30-45 seconds then swap hands. Rinse, repeat.

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