tennis/golfers elbow help

  1. tennis/golfers elbow help

    really killing me recently and of course the usual i cant lay off and rest

    just did though for 4 days back to heavy incline bench day and now my left elbow is killing me. mild suffer in right also

    any help, advise on any supps to take?

    was looking at bcp but dont want to do injections


  2. Check out chaos and pain Helios. And right now they have buy one get one free plus 30% off. Or shop for cissus pills. Those help a ton.

  3. Sounds a possible, see no offer though

    Wondering if x factor is also adding to the issue

  4. Low dose Mk

    Have you considered that the problem could be a dysfunction upstream ? And that your elbow is just paying the price?

    Rotator cuff, lower traps, serratus, anything that stabilizes the should joint.

    Weak core throwing off posture which causes compensation patterns that put the shoulder in an bad position to go though it's range of motion so the elbow follows...

    Just something to think about.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fx2050 View Post
    Sounds a possible, see no offer though

    Wondering if x factor is also adding to the issue
    Most likely that is adding to it. I felt it went away after a couple of weeks.

  6. tb-500 and/or bcp 157


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