Lots of deep squats lately and no stretching leads to a feeling of tightness during

  1. Lots of deep squats lately and no stretching leads to a feeling of tightness during

    bowel movements?

    Anyone had this. Stopped spinning the past four weeks and focused on doing bulgarian split and deep squats with light-medium weight (50-75bs) quickly for cardio. 5x per week. 30min workout. Last two weeks have noticed a tightness in my right buttock muscles. Creates a bit of discomfort during bowel movements. Even sitting in some positions causes discomfort. Fine when I am standing, walking. Have difficulty running/sprinting as that right side muscle is very tight. I used to sprint often before this started.

    I know, go to a Dr. Too busy at work lately. Hence no spinning, doing weights at home because of the time crunch.

    Pardon if the above is gross. But you know, a man should be able to defecate in peace and comfort.

    I bought a standing desk riser in-case it is due to poor ergonomics while sitting at work. New job, new chair, desk, sitting position as well in the past four weeks. Not installed yet.

  2. Foam roll your glutes if your doing lots of squatting mate you can use a hard ball as well if you don't have a foam roller with those spiky bits.

  3. When I do Bulgarian split squat it seems to really put some shocking pain in and around my glutes especially If the squats are deep.... but that is an exercise that seldom ly gets thrown into my workout because of this.....

  4. Foam roll and stretch, loosen up that scat tissue
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