Should I keep training with an injury or take a break?

  1. Question Should I keep training with an injury or take a break?


    I just sprained my right wrist. It's not too bad but it does hurt when I try to grip a bar. So my question is should I still train around the injury or should I take rest until my wrist heals? I only use dumbbells for training so can I keep training using only my left arm? Will doing unilateral exercises have any cross over benefits? Or should I take a few days off and let my wrist heal completely and then start training again with lighter weights and then ramping them up? I'm really confused about taking breaks/rest days. I'm always worried that I might lose my hard earned gains if I just take a few days rest.

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  2. Let it heal so you don't cause any further damage. When you do get back into it utilize wrist wraps for extra support until it's 100%
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  3. Thanks brah.
    "A dumbbell is a man's best friend"

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