PCT for an extended SARM run

  1. PCT for an extended SARM run

    I spent 10 weeks running LGD-4033 (a component of OL Mass GH) at 4mg 2 days a week and 8mg five days a week alongside OL Sup3r PCT and OL ar1macare. Three weeks ago I stopped OL sup3r PCT and ar1macare to give my body a break from natty t boosters and AIs, whilst continuing mass GH, thinking that mass GH could be run for longer as MK-677 (the other component of mass GH) can be run for months at a time. In addition, I started a cycle of erase pro to be run alongside the mass gh.
    Last week I realised the mistake I'd made in discontinuing the sup3r pct and ar1macare first and have since stopped taking the mass GH. Recently my mood and libido have been low, although they've picked up since I first discontinued the sup3r pct and ar1macare, however I've noticed some testicular shrinkage and my t levels feel suppressed.

    Where should I go from here?

    By this time next week I'll have been of all natty t boosters and AIs for a month so I could start another cycle of those. Additionally, I've been taking black lion research's rebirth for two days now but I'm not sure if that'll be enough. This is my first SARM cycle and tbh I'm not sure what to expect.
    Any advice, help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Your timeline is confusing af, but what you need to do is just go get some Clomid. You haven't PCTed yet.

    You had no plan whatsoever for your post-cycle after running a suppressive compound for almost three months?

  3. Tbh I hadn't realised that LGD was suppressive. I'm new to SARMS, SERMS and PCTs

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