Fibulas hurts

  1. Fibulas hurts

    After squatting the outer right side of my upper Shin below the knee hurts. It's not even really during the squat it's after after the squat when I'm trying to get up I put very little pressure on it and there's this weird pain that feels like my leg is going to give out. Anybody have any ideas

  2. Sounds like chondropathy to me, I'm suffering from this condition for quite a while now.
    The culprit is a piece of tissue which has softened up, allowing more friction and pressure which causes severe pain and damage to the joint. It can be diagnosed using x-ray images taken with and without pressure on the knee by comparing angles and distances between the parts of the joint. I've been told to strengthen​ my quads, take green mussel extract and enjoyed 10 sessions of laser therapy. The pain disappeared for about 2 years, since then I have severe pain outbreaks every couple months lasting for 2-6 months at a time. About to visit a highly renowned knee specialist in June, to find out what's next.
    With all this being said I recommend rest, green mussel extract, and in theory collagen and other joint supplements should help you in the long run. Also...get an appointment with a specialist.

  3. I do have weak quads
    I'm going to switch to high bar and front squats.

  4. Strength is never a weakness but I'm pretty sure quad strength doesn't have anything to do with it if it's chondropathy. When diagnosed I was overweight and with barely any strength and muscle mass on my legs, now I'm stronger than ever before and weigh​ about 30kg less and still have this problem.

  5. Have you tried box squats tho?

  6. Weighted leg extensions might help. Not a machine tho. That doesn't allow you knee to track right. Strap on like 50 lbs of ankle weights and do sets of 30 off the end of a table. This is what fixed my knee/shut down VMO issues in college

  7. I do paused more than box.
    I've been stuck at 405 for a while.
    Just recently I've felt this pain.
    I think my right knee travels funny wen I squat.

  8. I'm going to just build quads and strengthen legs and try to alleviate the problem


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