9mm Supraspinatus Tear

  1. 9mm Supraspinatus Tear

    Guys. I got an MRI and the diagnosis is a 9mm full thickness tear in the supraspinatus tendon. Done some reading here in the forums and read a lot on Tb500, BPC 157 and others.

    I have a tentative date for surgery but wanted to get opinion from those that have maybe been in a similar situation and what path you chose?

    I went to see a highly respected Physical Therapist who said since im young and active, i should be able to recover without surgery but nothing that ive read mentions the Rotator cuff is capable of regwnrating from a full thickness tear... All opinions and reccomendations are welcomed.


  2. Labrum tears suck more because they are an annoyance. As for the full thickness tear you can definitely do therapy and recover but it is a slow process. PRP and prolo therapy are great alternatives to try before doing surgery. It all depends on what your goal is and your time frame. Both avenues have their benefits and their problems. I have not been in your position but have worked with a lot of individuals with your issue and some have done surgery and some have not. Both ways have worked.

  3. Sharing:

    BPC-157 / shoulder tear healing / rotator cuff / how-to guide with vids and pics

    Edit: The last few posts are the new approach, if you have questions just ask!
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  4. What does your ortho say? The post surgical protocol is can't miss. U put in the time (ahem, follow restrictions) and ur results are almost gauranteed. I'd opt for surgery.



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