Hurt lower back on cycle

  1. Hurt lower back on cycle

    On week 3 of my hdrol cycle and have been hurt for about a week now. Was doing Arnold rows when I felt a weird pain in my lower back towards the left side almost where my hip is. Been trying to recover for a week without lifting and it's not any better. I think my best option is to end my cycle early and get into the doctor, but what do you guys think? Anyone ever get hurt like this?


  2. Yeah I think that is what you should do. Years ago I injured my back deadlifting but made it a bit worse by continuing to train. I would take some time off and go to the doctor. Better to understand what's going on if possible before you decide how to approach healing. Magnesium oil is something you might try as a topical to help pain relief, it seems helpful to joints and is cheap. Also, hyaluronic acid w/ MSM has been beneficial as well.

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