Extreme clicking and popping in left elbow after back day

  1. Question Extreme clicking and popping in left elbow after back day

    Good day everyone!

    Back in november I probably had one of the best back workouts ever. I felt super strong that day and killed it doing pullups, chin-ups, pulldowns with various grips.

    The workout looked like this:

    5x5 pullups - bodyweight
    5x5 chin-ups - bodyweight
    5x5 pulldown 150lbs(did pyramid, however this was the highest I went) and I had different grips on each set.

    I was going to end the whole workout with dips, and this is when my elbow started to click, as if the bone inside my elbow were crushing. No intense pain or anything.

    Now, it's March and ever since that day, I've had a clicking, locking and popping with my left arm when I extend my arm, but also when I just rotate my wrist. The sound and feeling is coming from within the elbow. I can't feel any tendons sliding on the outside so I assume it's coming from the inside. I had a month off the gym to see if my elbow would improve, but no luck.

    By locking, I mean that when I try to extend my arm it hurts sometimes because I need to pop it to achieve full range of motion. This even happens sometimes during bench press, which is very scary. So I've stopped doing benchpress at all.

    I've tried a chiropractor, and she told me that I had pulled my left triceps some time ago and it is still healing. However, it was not very bad and I should be able to lift just normal.

    Now I am getting depressed because my lower back is hurting and my elbow is preventing me from succeeding in the gym.

    So my question is, have you ever been in the same situation? What did you do about it? Who should I contact to get a proper evaluation on my elbow? I might wait till I get home to my homecountry (currently studying in the US) to get a MR-scan or something. What would you suggest?

    Sorry for a long post and if you made it this far, kudos to you my friend!
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  2. Hey Saraton,

    I am not an orthopedist, PT, or OT; however I have been experiencing the elbow "popping" phenomenon that you speak of. I experience the grinding/popping in my left elbow when doing most chest presses, triceps extensions, and dips. Usually when the elbow is the main load bearing joint during an exercise. I've never seen a professional regarding it but have treated it with my amateur knowledge. Before doing any set involving extension of the elbow I make sure to do several light warm-up sets to help get the joint lubricated. This usually cuts down on the severe popping for me. Also, I've started wearing compression sleeves around the joint which have made a huge difference. Finally, taking a joint complex (i take Orange Triad) and fish oils really help as well. Granted, I still get some grinding and popping but it's not as severe nor as frequent. Making sure your form is on point helps loads too. Might have missed a few things - writing this right before leaving for the gym. Hope it helps and feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!

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