Headaches when lifting heavy?

  1. Headaches when lifting heavy?

    I've been getting head aches when I go for heavy sets at the gym. Like a huge migraine that comes from my neck, into my temple then thru the back of my eye. Got the same thing yesterday after the gym. I've been getting headaches do to caffeine but these last couple have been out of no where. I took 2 scoop c4 before gym. Might be the cause? But I had a Nos energy drink earlier me no headache. High blood pressure?

  2. Exertion headaches I believe they call them. Or else ur blood pressure is too high

  3. I'd google tension headache or exertion headache. I got them from maxing out on squats, without enough warmup, and looking up as I stood up. I didn't know what they were at the time and have a family history of aneurisms, so it cost me a bit more than a web search.

    High BP can certainly play a role too.

    You'll find online accounts of them taking months to go away. Most say lay off all exercise too. I endured several and found if I stayed less than 70% of max or so they wouldn't trigger. Did a four week routine more geared to hypertrophy and was good to go heavy again after. I just don't repeat the mistakes that triggered it (no warmup and bad form).

    Hope that helps.

  4. Nos energy drink caffeine still in your system, plus 2 scoop c4,...sounds like a stim overload and maybe not enough water throughout the day...

  5. I was going to say ^ dehydration could be the culprit. At the moment you have too many variables because exertion headache sounds like it could also be possible. I'm leaning towards hydration which is easy to solve by hydrating. We at Vein Nutrition actually have something in our BCAA that nobody else has to my knowledge. Coconut Powder for one which will help you with your hydration. It works great as a Pre / Intra / and Post workout.

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  6. Could be time for a long deload mate, especially if u r getting these frequently.

  7. Could be time for a long deload mate, especially if u r getting these frequently.

  8. I've had some what I suspect to be BP related headaches like that, especially after taking a healthy dose of stims.

  9. No headache today on max Deadlift. I didn't take my c4 today but I started to get my whole stiff neck and small headache when I got in the shower. Is it possible for a knot in your lat to actually cause a stiff neck and then a headache?

  10. In my experience, yes. I've had muscle spasms and pulls in my back and neck in the past that caused headaches.

  11. Sounds like it could be nerve related, with it coming from your neck to eye.

  12. My first instinct is that this is vasodilator related. I suggest cutting the "pump" ingredients out, hydrating extra (as mentioned before), but dont be afraid to keep moderate caffeine doses for preworkout and as needed.

    And also, have u checked ur BP? Just rule that out so u dont have to worry about it.

  13. Do you breathe? holding breath lots creates extreme pressure, causing headaches

  14. If your getting headaches when training it makes me think you may have a blood pressure issue (how many stims are you using)?. You also could have a muscle or something out of place which could be causing a pinch somewhere and could be causing the headache.


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