Varicocele and prostate problems

  1. Varicocele and prostate problems

    Hi guys, to make a very long story short, I started taking steroids some months ago for the first time of my life(sustanon 250 & dianabol) took no PCT (I know fk me). Anyways after 3 months cycle I stopped and started working alot and started taking alot of Amphetamines, I would have many problems while I was high.

    I wouldn't pass stools while I was taking and I would usually be awake for 2-4 days, and I was taking amphetamine like every week or two and I always had majure urinating problems and my balls were always tucked in my belly. It all began when i went with an ambulance to the ER becauseI felt like my balls went way up my stomach and had alot of pain in them like they were to explode and lower stomach pain, I had testicular exam and all good and was just sent home, I kept taking amphetamine and went to the ER like 5 times within a month caused by many different problems including the pelvic floor. I got sober and everything was fine.

    Then I started to get some serious gyno symptoms on my right pec,i went to doctor to get blood exam and it came out as little prolactin, but I have really minor visible gyno.

    Then one day after all this I got a really strange numb feeling in my left testicle and my testicle would sometimes go up in the stomach especially after ejaculation followed by frequent urination and lower back pain, I thought it was prostate problems so I went once again to doctor and he examined me and came out I have chronic prostate enlargement, I got antibiotics and stuff.

    But after the doctor I still felt it was something else, it was and is really uncomfortable to sit, as if something in my scrotum was trying to explode through the skin and I have weird numb feeling in my left testicle, so I checked my scrotum and there is something huge under my ballsack, so I googled and figured I have varicocele, pressure in my scrotum and strange uncomfortable feeling in my left testicle and like something is pinched under it, feels pretty numb and if I touch it, i feel cold feeling on the testicle and if wind goes on it also.

    The pain/uncomfortness is bareable but I just realised this today and I have worries, like if my left testicle is dead or something, my libido is fine and I get a major hard on, but I've been telling my girlfriend I need to chill because of the gyno, I feel like it gets worse the more often I ejaculate.

    It feels good putting my story here and all replies would be really helpful, I am 20 years old, I'm a gym rat and I tend to eat healthy food only.

    Thank you for reading this - some guy from Iceland

  2. Hey brah, just want to say thank you for having enough balls.. (no pun intended, maybe just a little) to put your story out there. Dude, given the obvious your still young and I know you've read many forums and people telling you that repeatedly. This is why people don't mess with these things till they're older and wiser. Just hope everything gets better for you because you still have a long way to go in life. Always ask your self if certain risks are worth in the long run. But like I said hope for the best and I hope everyone learns their lesson here.

  3. I agree brother , i will let the young man with the left testicle problem know the solution as well as cure to his aching close attention!!!!....." STAY AWAY FROM THE FKING METH.".....That is the cause for your pain...there are a few things you can take to alleviate the pain...take 500 mg of No flush Niacin. Make sure its the no flush or esle your face will get hot and ears will itch. Also take 2 capsules of gas x..125 mg. And finally add 600 or 800 mg of Ibuprofen and an ice pack on your family jewels and youll be Golden. Hope this helps , one of my Bros had the same thing as you and he followed this regimine to the T and he is gtg

  4. Hi guys thank you for your concern, I've been eating ****loads of garlic, ginger and turmeric and my HUGE veinsack under my balls can't be found anymore. Hope someone who is in trouble stumbles upon this thread and might find this helpful.

  5. HageCage,
    How is your progress? I have what I believe is a big vein sack under my testicle like yours. Saw a doctor who ordered ultrasound. So still waiting for results. Would you mind giving more details of your doses of garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Are you still taking them and are they helping. Have you stopped taking them and did the vein come back? Any details would help a great deal. Thanks in advance.

  6. I really think you need to see a specialist. This will be a urologist who will be most familiar with the male reproductive organs.


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