Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

  1. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)?

    I'm wondering if someone did Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) for any kind of injury and if it worked or its just a hype, WADA seem to ban the use in muscles but it's ok in the tendons and ligaments.

  2. Considered it for elbow tendonitis, but ended up electing for shockwave therapy (3 sessions), which worked out cheaper and didn't involve any time off training, although was pretty uncomfortable. Didn't totally work, but one year later seem better able to manage the discomfort with theraband exercises, avoiding the worst weight exercises and adequate rest.

    I think you also ought to consider which joint you mare considering it for, as when i looked into it, not all joints are equally suitable for PRP.

  3. The problem is it is not cheap and requires multiple treatments. I'm going to go to India and get my shoulders, R elbow, & R knee. I am going to make it a 'stay cation'. I'm going to live cheap and focus on healing.

  4. I did it a week ago, I still feel pain but I'm trying to be positive ..
    (Tennis elbow)

  5. Responded to you other thread as well ....
    I had this procedure done about 5 years ago ..... insurance wouldn't cover it and it cost about $500. I had tennis and golf elbow.... and numerous cortisone shots that did absolutely nothing.... this procedure fixed the problem!! It was incredibly painful to have the injection done. I was in arm sling for about a day.. but in the end I would do it again because it actually worked for me

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sk1017 View Post
    I did it a week ago, I still feel pain but I'm trying to be positive ..
    (Tennis elbow)
    It's gonna be sore for a while hopefully it will have positive result for u

  7. Did 2 series of injections for my back. First definitely seem to help second did nothing or worse. Worth trying if you've done everything else.

  8. Iíve had quite a few patients that responded extremely well to it as well as prolo therapy. Iíve never thought about using it for muscle injury but I would imagine that they donít do it in muscles because you are injecting basically a blood clot in a way back into a person so going into a muscle would allow a very large possibility of putting a clot into your legs small arteries or veins


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