Supination and IT Band Issues

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    Supination and IT Band Issues

    Would be very interested to know if anyone else experiences this and what things you've done to make it more bearable.

    My right foot has a tendency to supinate when I'm doing cardio and I tend to overcompensate for that. Also having some IT band issues, which may or may not be related on the same side.

    If you've been through something similar, what stretches, etc. have you done to make it more bearable? I don't do a lot of cardio, so it's not the end of the world for me at the moment. But when it happens, it's fairly painful. Not painful to the point I think I need to see an ortho doctor though (they'll probably just tell me to do PT for now - which I can more or less do at home on my own).

    This isn't so much a "why is this happening to me" thread (I know why it's all happening) but more a thread to get ideas on what others have done to make it more bearable.

  2. This is exactly the reason why I don't do any long distance running (very often at least). I row for cardio instead. Everytime I long distance run 5+ miles, I end up with bursitis on that side that lasts for about a week or so.

    I have the issue in my left leg. My left hip is far tighter than the right, almost constant pain in the IT band on that side. I get physical therapy for it once in a while. I'm at the point where I might just go in for an MRI of my left hip because it also pops a lot.

  3. I've recently purchased this mobility tool to try to fix it:
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    It sucks really. As much as everyone complains about cardio, I actually don't mind it. Fire up Netflix on my iPad and watch an episode of whatever series I'm into at the time and it's over before I know it. When I'm trying to build up endurance and not when I'm trying to add muscle, I may even go as far as saying I "kind of" enjoy it. But the supination really kills it. After a few days, it's so bad that I feel myself even walking with some supination and the IT band kills me. Icing, etc. doesn't really do squat and I'm really trying to take ibuprofen only when I REALLY need to.

  5. Roll an empty barbell on your IT as often as you can. Works much better for me than a foam roller. Once you can handle it pretty easily, add some weight. Three or four passes at a time is usually all you need.
    Training log:

  6. Supination and IT Band Issues

    I use a bar on mine everyday and it still hurts and is pretty tight (just on that one side).

    There's another really good thing to do: put all of your weight on it on a firm foam roller then extend and contract your leg. Simulates active release technique. I can't bear the pain on my left leg when doing this though, so I'm trying this movement by adding more weight bit by bit.

    Have to be careful using a barbell on your IT band though. It's pretty much a tendon at the ends by the hips and knees. You don't want to roll metal on tendons.
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    Thanks for the tips, will try these next time.

  8. Very common, and stems from the hip. I'm sure your lower back is somewhat stiff as well.
    When the pelvis goes into posterior rotation, the femurs are rotated out and also the hip goes into hyper extension. This not only causes foot supination, but also tremendous tension on the IT band.

    Fix: reset the pelvis, find out whether IT band (read: tensor fascia lata) is weak and tight or strong and tight - address appropriately.
    Strenghen peroneals and teach foot normal supination and toe extension.
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    Thanks, please check your PMs @kjetil1234


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