Igf des

  1. Igf des

    Have any of you guys noticed growth from des? I really want to try it out but am on the fence about it... Besides the crazy pumps what else have you noticed?

  2. No.. not worth it at all imo.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Youre better off finding legit rh-IGF-1 for actual muscle growth

  4. I noticed bloat.
    I also noticed bigger arms.
    I like real deal MGF way better.
    I had to stop igf des because I got so bloated I couldn't stand it.
    But I'm also blasting prop and NPP.
    I'm also on cjc/Ghrp. So I had to cut back on all peps.
    I really do like peptides and believe in them fully.
    But that des made me so bloated it was awful.
    So for another 5 days I'm checking my diet extremely.
    And hopefully can get back on the peps

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