1. IGF-1 LR3

    Hello everybody I'm thinking to start cycling igf-1 lr3 and mk677 along with my pct . So I'm a little confused not about the dosage but on the spots I'm going to pin it I read the most people pin it post workout . But I've also heard they pinned it on the muscle they trained so if I train shoulders I should pin 25mcg on one shoulder and another 25mcg to the other ? Also if I train legs the same with quads? If I train back chest etc?
    Also what other benefits should I see expect from recovery ? Muscle growth on long term? And if you're going to stop aas and use it alone off cycle what kind of results do you get? Sorry for to many questions but I didn't find very much info on the internet

  2. Weird nobody responded.
    Did you run the pair in pct?

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