Beginner Peptide Advice Required (CJC, IGF1 etc.)

  1. Beginner Peptide Advice Required (CJC, IGF1 etc.)

    Hey Lads,

    Firstly I know this is a hectic first post but I've been lurking around these forums for a couple of years now. Looking to overcome my muscle and strength gain plateaus with a peptide cycle, have never done any AAS or peptides before. Just after a bit of direction or advice.

    In terms of my stats I am 22 yo, 6" and 160 lbs at 12% bodyfat, been training for 4 years. I know this is not an excuse but I have dismal skinny fat genetics and weakish joints, which i think are holding me back at this point. Strength is okay (Bench 6x80KG, Row 6x70KG, Squat 10x80KG etc).

    I have done extensive research on all of the peptides and sarms including dosage, studies, side effects, forum guides etc. (trust me on this one). Not looking to suppress HPTA much hence not going the route of AAS. I live in Australia and only have access to Ostarine, MK 667, CJC 1295 DAC and IGF1 LR3. Which combination would provide maximum bang for buck value in terms of muscle gain?

    Not sure if i can quote prices but assume price of CJC DAC for 2mg (1 week supply) is just under half the price of IGF1 LR3 1mg (which can last quite long) with the price of Ostarine and MK 667 being somewhere in the middle for a months supply.

  2. Hey mate. If u r going to run osta u should probably run a pct after.

  3. Cannot comment on 677, but considering running it in about 2 weeks. As far as suppression of HPTA with Osta, it can go either way depending on the quality of the product. I ran solid stuff and was suppressed and recovered fine. 4 weeks in my Serum Test was at 300. Im now at 538 as of this week. I would recommend getting some Clomid for it per any veterans advice on this forum. I used OTC PCT, but this next run I will have a SERM.

    I will give you this mate. I ran Osta for a first cycle and needed an AI on hand. Exemestane. However, I was hurting myself every workout and had chronic injury for years and did physical therapy to no avail. Ostarine pushed me through that ceiling in only 4 weeks and had my shoulders feeling full and lubricated. I liked it and will be doing it again. I however go for more health and recovery over 10lb of muscle in a cycle. I am perfectly fine with 4-5lb.

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