I'm looking into doing some research with ghrp and ghrh. I'm pretty set on cjc-1293 mod grf 1-29 no dac as my ghrh. As for my ghrp I'm pretty torn. Correct me if I'm wrong but based on my research ipamorelin is the cleanest of the ghrp's but doesn't have as high of a gh output as ghrp 2 and 6, ghrp 2 has the best gh output with minimal sides and ghrp 6 is slightly weaker than 2 but comes with a side effect of ravenous hunger. It's seems to me that ghrp 6 is favored by a lot of people but I feel like 2 is a better bang for your buck but I might feel that way because I've never needed any type of appetite stimulant, I got that one covered genetically lol. As far as dosing I plan on 100mcg/100mcg 3 times a day; upon waking, post workout and before bed. I also considered ghrp 2 or 6 for my am and post w/o doses then ipa for my pre bed dose to avoid any hunger and I heard it's pretty boss for sleep. Also, I've heard some pin IM and some pin sub-q, pros and cons to each method? Can you do both or do you need to pick one and "stick" with it (pun intended lol) Any and all advice is welcomed. Thanks for listening!