GHRP2 and Mod Grf CJC w/o DAC Update

  1. GHRP2 and Mod Grf CJC w/o DAC Update

    I figured if we don't learn from each others experiences we can't learn much on these forums.

    Last week on Tuesday I started -

    GHRP2 100 mcg 3 x daily
    Mod Grf CJC w/o DAC 3x daily

    I also began using Kre-Alkyn (a kind/brand that I am familiar with) to help with pumps.

    It's now been one week. Today I started using T-Force (I figured adding a Test booster may help with lifts) but I'm having some weird sides from it - so I'll be discontinuing. As for the Kre-Alkyn I will continue - I know that this has caused no sides other then some water retention but aided greatly with lifts in the gym which will only aid in my pep use.

    This week has been so/so. Last week was incredible - no placebo - perhaps I'm just getting used to the way I "feel".

    For 5 days following my first pin I woke up with an erection every morning, my mood was better, felt more alert, outgoing, and focused.

    Again, this week's been so / so, I think perhaps because my sleep schedule has been a little on and off.

    But overall so far so good. A bruise on the right side of my stomach from a subq injection i noticed Friday. IDK why - pinching the fat and pinning correctly. Now I've noticed a little one on the left side...fml

    But overall feeling pretty good. Not sure if i should cancel out the Kre Alkyn and just run the peps (as then I'll know exactly what i got out of them). But then again, I already know what benefits I've gotten since pinning - not really in lifts - deeper sleep, morning erections, more focus, energy, clarity, etc.

    I had considered running PEG-MGF as its the only thing close enough to get you to hyperplasia but will probably not run that though.

    Just a quick update. Only a week in.

    Mentally Unstable - Divided Mind

  2. Considering stopping the creatine so I can gauge how the peptides do solo. I'll prob start Peg mgf on off days but im hoping someone chimes in on many post about it
    Mentally Unstable - Divided Mind

  3. Good update bro, this pep combo is good. I would keep with the kre-alkalyn. It will help.

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