What size needle do I use???? PLEASE HELP

  1. What size needle do I use???? PLEASE HELP

    Okay guys I know this is probably a dumb question but I've never injected anything in my body before and just want to make I do everything absolutely right.

    So heres my question I have IGF - 1 LR3 1mg and I am plaining on taking for 4 or 5 weeks 40mcg every shot sub q injection.

    So I know I need a 1ml syringe for recon but what needle gauge and length do I need to get? I have absolutely no clue what to get and this is preventing me from getting started so I really would appreciate any help!!!

    Thanks as always guys!!

  2. 29g .5 inch is fine

  3. i agree with tren. The higher the grade the thinner the needle and the less it will hurt (if you have low pain threshold but sub q isnt bad any way). Since its your first time just please make sure you keep everything sterile by taking an alcohol swab to the top of vial and to injection site. Please don't be insulted just a reminder i want everyone to be safe . Good luck

  4. thanks guys! a lot of help if I took my igf lr3 for 30 days and reconed with .9 ba water would my igf last? I hear conflicting views where people say it only lasts 1 week in ba water and igf needs to be recooned with acetic acid so it last longer?

  5. There's a lot of different opinions on this, I hate to say it but almost all of the lr3 on the market right now is crap. Real igf costs waaaay more than these places sell it for.



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