IGF -1 LR3 Newbie need help

  1. IGF -1 LR3 Newbie need help

    Okay guys a friend recommended I take a look at this and thats just what I am doing. I've reserched and it looks great I just want to do it the right way and hopefully you guys can help with a few concerns I have, I've never injected a substance into my body before so this will be new to me and I want to do it right of course.

    1. Recon - I am buying a 1mg IGF LR3 so all I would do is use 1ml of BA water and put in IGF bottle on side and swirl to reconstitute it?

    2. Storage - do I need to store in fridge at all times?

    3. Syringe - what size syringe would I need to obtain if I do one 20mcg subq shot 1 inch from belly button? Sounds like a dumb question but new syringe every-time?

    Thanks guys for all your'e help! You guys are the best!

  2. For sub q injections your gonna want to use 29-30G insulin pin, yes dont shake the bottle swirl it untill its clear looking, your going to want to use a different needle for every use, most people use 1 syringe to pull the fluid from the vial, switch the tip of the needle because it dulls the needle as it goes through the rubber stopper, clean the top of the rubber stopper with alchohol before peircing the rubber and clean the injection site, there is alot of information where to inject sub q, 1 inch from belly button, lower back, delts, when your gonna fill the vial with bacteriostatic water its best to use a lower gauge needle as . It makes the process quicker, start your dose lower than recommended dose to see how your body reacts to the peptide make sure you inject at a 90 or a 45 degree angle I hope this helps bud!

  3. There is a peptide calculator you can use so you can get the dosing right, just google it and you should find it there, like I said make sure your first few doses are lower than recommended, because if you start out at recommended dose and you have a bad side effect that higher dose will make your side effect worse than what it would be at half that dose for starting out, and I cant stress enough use a different needle every injection I know its a pain in the ass but ive known someone who would take his old needles and "sterilize" them, he ended up getting a infection which developed a cyst that had to be surgically removed, after you clean the injection site do not touch something then touch the injection site, like your face for instance your face has staph naturally if you rub your face then touch your cleaned injection site you risk getting staph infection, injections are safe if you do it correctly and safely, be careful bud you only have one body take care of yourself man!

  4. Yes also store in the fridge at all times it will prolong the shelf life

  5. Its more stable in AA from what I have read but if u use bac water 1ml then fridge until it is gone yes. And as someone said buy a box of pinz never reuse ever!!!!
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  6. GREAT INFORMATION GUYS!! thats why you're the best! Okay I just have a few last minute questions before I start in a few days. I hope you guys can help. btw I will be using a different insulin syringe each time.

    1) I have .9 percent ba water to recon 1mg of lr3 so I would use 1ml of ba water correct? Now people say if I recon with .9 ba water my igf will only last 2 weeks and I plan on running for 30 days. Is there any truth to this and should I get Acetic acid instead to recon my igf lr3?

    2) Im going to start with 20mcg I figure that would be a low enough dose, going to go Post workout injection. Is it still okay to have like a protein shake and like a banana after a work and then take my lr3 ? or should I take it on an empty stomach? I know its probably a dumb question but I hear mis information all the time and I just want to get everything perfect!

    Thanks again guys for all your help!!!!!!

  7. 20mcg is to low in my opinion, think more like 60-80 MCG minimum.

    And I can't say for sure my bunny never lasted longer then a week per 1mg so...he didn't complain with bac or AA. Well he did say AA stung more..
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  8. AWESOME MAN THANKS!!!! Ya i bought 1 mg of Igf lr3 and it only lasted me like 6 days at 40 mcg a day? I thought for the longest time I wasn't drawing it up right. How much usually would I need for say a 4 week cycle 4 bottles I assume?

  9. You can draw and inject w/ the same needle using an insulin pin. It's so small you'll never feel it if you do it right. Always use a new pin everytime.

    I'm going to be running 1mg or LR3 at 60mcg 4x a week (each training day)...so M/T/TH/F. I'll split the dose each day into 2...one in the AM and one in the PM after training. This mean I'm running 240mcg/week so my vial will last 4 weeks. The advantage of LR3 is the longer half life so the days off won't be an issue and help stop desensitizing the receptors.

    AA will make it more stable than BW will and I'm using both. I'll reconstitue w/ AA but when I inject I'll backload it w/ 4x amount of LR3 w/ BW. So if I use 2iu of LR3 I'll add 8iu of BW right before I inject. This stops the AA from causing necrosis at the injection site. Might not be needed, but can't hurt and it's such a small volume why not. (number are just an example).


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