I have 5mg vials of GHRP-2
And 2mg vials of CJC w/o DAC

I'll be dosing 100 mcg 3 x daily

AM, After Training, and PM

I have 29 1/2 1mL Insulin Syringes.

One side of the syringe goes from 5-95, the other goes from 10-100 (in increments of 10)

Its measured in Units it says only use "use u-100 insulin only" on the syringe.

According to Peptide Calculator -

"Each Unit has 50mcg of peptide"
"Each tick mark has 100 mcg of peptide"

* This can't be right. The 1 tick mark is tiny - its like a few drops of water at the most - is that what 100mcg is?

* I'm also having trouble with reconstitution. I don't know how much BAC Water to put in each vial to reconstitute.

Help! I was planning on starting tomorrow.