Peptide injection question

  1. Peptide injection question

    Hey all,

    What size insulin syringe do you all use to inject? I'm using a 1ml insulin syringe, but the problem I'm having is not all of the product is getting injected. The plunger is stopping before all of the product is being excreted. I've tried two different brand 1ml syringes, with two different 28g and 25g needles and all of them have the same problem. They are all leaving about .05ml left in the syringe. I'm doing an experiment with my rat, using GHRP6 and CJC w/out DAC. With the amount I used to dilute both products, each dose is only .05ml, so my rat isn't receiving a full dose.

  2. .3cc for injecting and 1cc for reconstituting. I normally grab 29 or 31 gauge needles

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