1. Genotropin

    Has anyone heard of this? I was told its pharma Chinese?? 210 iu kits

  2. Genotropin.

    If it's true genotropin it's made by Pfizer and it's a sub q system that comes in a mix vile system. I have taken that and also Omnitropin which is by Novartis. These are all produced state side. I'm now on my third form and it's Nutropin, not for sure who makes it yet, it says Genetech never heard of them before, but these come in a premixed pen system....not for sure on this one yet due to the premix but it seams to work. I am prescribed for hgh therapy because my pituitary system is almost shot or non existent. I haven't found 1 of these 3 to work really any better than the other but I can say that having been on them for 5 years I can say they do work.

  3. I see. This Genotropin is from china.

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