Green tops question? powder

  1. Exclamation Green tops question? powder

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to see if anyone noticed how quickly your GH powder dissolves. Currently using generic green tops and I noticed that once the water hits the powder, it seems to disappear in an instant all the way down till the water reaches the bottom of the vial, where you can see some minor remainder slowly dissolve . That makes me a bit cautious, since GH is not supposed to dissolve this quickly. I'm not sure if the green tops are bunk, but the source said its produced where all the other "name brands" are made (not that it really matters). So I'm wondering if anyone observed something similar with their GH. Also, anyone happen to know of a lab one can send his stuff in for testing? Thanks.

  2. any input?

  3. Real rHGH should be a solid 'disc' and not loose powder in the bottom of the vial. It sill dissolve fairly rapidly but in my experience around 90% instantly mixes and a little needs to be. Left to dissolve.

    If you are getting good hair/nail growth and mad dreams its usually a good initial indicator it's a proper one.

  4. Not true.....had plenty of gh that was powder that was legit as ****....blood work to prove it

  5. Awesome thanks. I wasn't sure if they were legit, although the source is. The rate at which the first 90% of the powder dissolved made me dubious. It's pretty much just like Tboy described it and it's solid powder. Thanks.
    @kjkriston Is there a chance they just use IGF-1 instead of GH? I'd rather get an actual lab test, not a blood work.

  6. Igf wouldn't give me the constant side effects that real gh does.....deep sleep....tingling hands....water retention

  7. Ok thanks.

  8. Haven't played with IGF as that and rHGH are two different things. Have a peek on a few sites and see what you find.


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