It's true IGF-1 accelerates cancer...

  1. It's true IGF-1 accelerates cancer...

    So I wonder, why do people brush this aside and use it for gains? Is it an invincibility complex? Optimism bias? Scares me honestly

  2. IGF-1 accelerates cancer if you have it. If folks know they have cancer, they have other priorities and are probably not playing around with peptides. Most people just assume (correctly for the most part) that they do not have cancer.

  3. Just use common sense, everyone says no it doesn't cause cancer, but in my opinion the use of IGF1 and/or GH will increase your chance of developing it. There has been a few good studies where increased IGF1 levels have shown an increased development of cancer in healthy subjects. You'll find your answer if you google around, don't trust all the broscience out there.

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